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Jun 27 2011

First day of NYC Institute

So far so good! St. Johns is pretty nice, and the rooms are plenty big enough. We haven’t gotten in to the nitty gritty yet, but once we do, I’m sure I won’t be quite as relaxed.

I’m teaching Living Environment (aka biology) in a school in I believe Brooklyn, but I am not entirely sure of its location quite yet. I’m SO happy that I got assigned to teach high school biology this summer! It’s exactly what I want to teach this upcoming year as well, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Being hired by schools is going slowly. I’ve had one interview, but I was not a good match (they were not looking for biology teachers), so I’m still waiting to see where I will be teaching. I would love to be in New Haven. The city is really charming and is close to Southern Connecticut State University, so I’m hoping for the best!

I’ll keep posting once I have more information and start actually teaching students!

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