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Jul 28 2011

This Uncomfortable Thing Called Institute

MY LAST DAY OF INSTITUTE IS TOMORROW! I am really quite excited, even though I am surprisingly attached to my students that I have only known for 4 weeks. I ended up teaching at Mott Hall Bronx, which is a new summer school site for TFA this summer. I taught 25 students who all failed…

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Jun 27 2011

First day of NYC Institute

So far so good! St. Johns is pretty nice, and the rooms are plenty big enough. We haven’t gotten in to the nitty gritty yet, but once we do, I’m sure I won’t be quite as relaxed. I’m teaching Living Environment (aka biology) in a school in I believe Brooklyn, but I am not entirely…

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May 21 2011

Steel Curtain

By the way, I have chosen “Steel Curtain” to be the name of my blog for a few reasons. I am from Pittsburgh where we care more about football than…well everything else. In the 1970′s, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense was the backbone of our dynasty that led us to win 4 Super Bowls. The four…

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May 21 2011

Doing more harm than good

Good news!  I have graduated from college!  So now I have quite a bit of free time before I head to induction on June 19th, meaning that I am focusing solely on pre-institute work.  I’ve also been really trying to mentally prepare myself for what I have committed to.  Admittedly, I’ve started to become deflated…

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Feb 03 2011

And so it begins

As an incoming corps member, I wanted to create a blog from the beginning that chronicles my time teaching in Connecticut.  Admittedly, I have never blogged or recorded anything in my life to such an extent, but I hope to continue consistently adding posts even when I begin teaching (…when I have a feeling time…

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